Dong Xuan Market

Located on the area of Hanoi Old Quarter, Dong Xuan Market is well-known as one of the largest markets in Vietnam in the period of French colonialism. The destination not only plays a role as a memorable milestone in Vietnamese history but also reflects Vietnamese trading culture through many previous generations.


Local people said that their ancient ancestors used to establish 2 small outdoor markets, one next to Bach Ma Temple, the other one next to Cau Dong river port. In the lately 19th century, French reunited those 2 ancient markets into Dong Xuan market like the present day. The market was highly evaluated by both domestic and foreign merchants because of the advantages of both waterway transportation and road system. For that reasons, Dong Xuan Market had become the largest trading center of the North of Vietnam under the period of Nguyen Dynasty. This site also attracts the abroad businessmen from many regions around the world such as France, India, China… 

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In the present age, Dong Xuan Market still remains its operations and plays an indispensable part in Hanoians. Going through the golden age of trading under feudalism, the area is famous places for introducing and selling the traditional products. Nowadays, there are diversified its products but it still remains the core features of the ancient Dong Xuan Market. 

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In the past time, Dong Xuan Market and Hanoi Old Quarter had become a wide net of trading center in Hanoi. If each street of Hanoi Old Quarter only specializes on one kind of goods, Dong Xuan Market became the gathering place of those goods.

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Dong Xuan Market bears the huge influence of French architecture with 3 big domes painted with yellow color and 5 different compartments for business activities. All bones of this structure were created by iron frames and metal roofs. With the consistent survival along Vietnamese history, Dong Xuan Market turned into one of the most famous monuments of French architecture until now.  

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Dong Xuan Alley

Nearly Dong Xuan Market, Dong Xuan alley is an ideal destination for visitors, who have a strong passion with street foods. Although this area is only 2.5-3m in width and nearly 100m in length, it is a paradise for Vietnamese unique street foods. Small restaurants are opened in the early morning to the end of the afternoon and they always attract a large number of visitors. Despite the simple furniture of those restaurants, you can be extremely impressed by the delicious foods, which express outstandingly the Vietnamese culinary art.

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A small restaurant lined along Dong Xuan Alley

“Bun Oc” is one of the famous traditional foods in this area. The meaty taste of broth perfectly mingles with the slightly sour taste of tomato, the new brand taste of Vietnamese snails and the attractive flavors of herbs. All those components create a bowl of “Bun Oc” with an unforgettable impression for the visitor. 

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“Che” is a popular street food not only in Dong Xuan Alley but also in all regions of Vietnam. In this site, you can try to taste a dozen of different kinds of Che with a variety of colors, which you can freely to choose, Moreover, this street food expose an attractive savors of coconut milk and each sort of “Che” is always a perfect mixture of traditional materials such as coconut, sticky rice, sesame seeds…

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“Pho tiu” brings a new experience about Vietnamese noodles. Chefs will pour into a bowl of “pho tiu” with an average amount of broth, add large slides of meat, fried peanut, and onion.  

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